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Marriage question 1:

as we promised a couple weeks ago, we’d like to post every few days one of the questions we didn’t have time for during our panel discussion on Aug 28th with married folks from within our community.  


WIthout further ado, question 1: “what is the ONE piece of advice you have for singles wanting to get married?”

is it possible to transact love and commitment without dating as we know it?

Thanks to all who participated in our panel discussion on Marriage last Sunday. Your questions were honest and insightful, as were the answers. As promised, tomorrow we’ll begin posting some of the questions here we didn’t have time for Sunday, and invite those on the panel to contribute short or long responses.

Today, though, a thought related to dating. Sunday afternoon brought us in touch with one of Ken Burns’ American Stories. Here’s the link of the relevant segment:

PBS – THE WEST – P.S. I Like You Very Much

In this segment, Burns lets Ethel Waxman and George Schlichting tell of their courtship by way of their letters to one another over several years. Read the rest of this entry »

my, how things have….changed?

At least by this account, the long lost days of marital fidelity may be more legend than history.  Here’s a look  at how singleness, courtship, and marriage operated in the Colonial days of America.

compatibility in a different sense

Maureen Dowd has in recent years been quite the object of criticism for her explorations of the male sex,but this just came across my inbox (HT: Kirk DeBoer): an op-ed piece on what constitutes the kind of person suitable for marriage.

Last Sunday we began to discuss how compatibility should enter into one’s thinking about whom to marry. Read the rest of this entry »

is marriage really being delayed, or just opted for later?

The purported reasons for the current trend to marry later than in previous generations or eras seems tokeep growing with time.  Here’s one more reasonable deduction.  Agree or disagree?

longer than the longest haul you could imagine

if you’ve had time to read the story we distributed this morning of Robertson McQuilkin and his wife, Muriel, here’s a little more to their story.  

If you’d like to see a brief excerpt from his resignation speech, click here.

pre-nuptial or post-nuptial: one series fits all

hey, we’re going to take several weeks (maybe 5) and talk about marriage openly and honestly, underthescrutiny of Scripture and in the community of God’s people.  Hope you can join us.  Here’s a little more detail.

Wanted you also to be aware of something PCPC is offering for free for the next several days Read the rest of this entry »