There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

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my, how things have….changed?

At least by this account, the long lost days of marital fidelity may be more legend than history.  Here’s a look  at how singleness, courtship, and marriage operated in the Colonial days of America.

pre-nuptial or post-nuptial: one series fits all

hey, we’re going to take several weeks (maybe 5) and talk about marriage openly and honestly, underthescrutiny of Scripture and in the community of God’s people.  Hope you can join us.  Here’s a little more detail.

Wanted you also to be aware of something PCPC is offering for free for the next several days Read the rest of this entry »

marriage requires and update in your prescription

We strike a balance around here–at least we try to: there are times for saying loudly and clearly, “singleness is not a second-class existence and possesses privileges as significant to the life in Christ as those that accrue to marriage.”

There is also time for speaking of and for marriage, and doing all we can to prepare you for it if you’re single, and fortify you in it if you’re married. To that end, here’s a series of youtube videos (HT: Between Two Worlds) from the author of When Sinners Say, I Do, Dave Harvey. They’re brief synopses of each chapter. Read the rest of this entry »

bringing the close of the book, perhaps, close to home

Do you feel like the church has elevated marriage over singleness? Insinuating, if not articulating, that life begins when youbrokenring2.jpg betroth yourself to another?

Or has the meteoric rise of divorce–even within the allegedly marriage-fortifying context of the church–sullied an earlier, more positive, view of marriage? Does the incidence of divorce and the precarious state of marriage insinuate that life might, in a sense, end when you say “I do”?

I’d like to wrap up our discussion of Tripp’s book on change and counsel by having you help us create a realistic-as-possible profile of someone in the church whose desire to be married has caused them to be so preoccupied with finding a mate, that one of two moods has emerged: either so despondent at the slight prospects of a marriage in the near-term, or so reckless in their pursuit of a mate. Specifically, I’d like you to envision how someone with either outlook would manifest that outlook in their day to day living. Read the rest of this entry »

just for men

Men, boys, what about you? What do you dream of when you dream of being strong? That you can someday hold an Altoids tin and look “curiously strong”? Or to be the best player in a sport? Or to be the most shrewd stock broker and wield the power of money? Or to be educated and read Atlantic Monthly and listen to NPR and drop obscure names in cocktail conversations?

No. Only a fool wants fading power. Only a fool wants power that gives out just when you need it most. I’ll tell you the kind of power God is able to give you through the gospel. It’s the power to lead your wife and family in devotions; the power to say a simple word of truth when highly educated, secular, elitist complexity is all around you; the power to stand your ground and say no to a sinful behavior when everyone else is calling you weak; the power to press on against all obstacles in a cause of justice and mercy and truth when you feel that you have no more motivation.

John Piper