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in case you’re still reeling from valentine’s day

Faith and art ought never be severed

Have a look at this:
Churches Urged to be More Artist-Friendly, Transform Culture | Christianpost.com

as you know, PCPC is hosting its 2nd annual Arts Festival in April. This year’s theme centers on Genesis, but the festival allows artists to select one of several dimensions of the Genesis narrative from which to derive their work.

The linked article interviews a friend of mine from college, who laments the unfortunate paucity of artists within our churches, and moreso the ostensibly inhospitable environment churches seem to be for budding or accomplished artists. His response to that reality has been to team with area churches to host a conference on art and faith. To encourage artists of every medium to see their giftedness as a form of worship and shepherding people toward truth. If any of you would like to go to the conference the first week of April down in Austin, I’ll pay your way so long as you take good notes and bring back some recommendations on how to ensure a more robust relationship between the church and artists.

Those spearheading the arts festival here at PCPC are looking for ways to sustain the interest elicited by the festival, and more specifically to identify ways to genuinely serve the greater arts community in our city. Ideas?

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of downloads and ethics

First there was Napster.  Now there’s QTrax.  So many songs, so little oversight.  Here’s an imaginary dialogue (that’s probably repeated in living color in innumerable settings) about the issue of music-piracy.

If you’ve ever taken advantage of the technologies that afford “sharing” of music, this might lead you to consider dispensing with your spoils.

The Pirate

how shall I choose?

How do you make decisions? Important decisions? Which criteria appears at the top of the list?

Here’s one reputable source’s comment on how he finds guidance for matters of consequence–or more precisely, what he doesn’t look to for guidance.

In April, we’re going to devote time to the topic of discernment. Read the rest of this entry »

giving up chocolate isn’t really the point…

lent07.jpgFar more important than coming up with amorous or angst-ridden zingers in our little contest this week is the attention you give to this moment in the church calendar too often overlooked. As we said yesterday, Lent is a season for doing life differently: for refraining from some of the ordinary pleasures of life in order to devote ourselves to some reflection on His call upon our lives. Think of it as a period of more intense training meant to fortify us for the next season of life.

I’d suggested that if you were to fast once a week, you might use that lunch (or breakfast or dinner) hour to have a look at some “X-Ray questions” David Powlison penned in his book Seeing with New Eyes. Read the rest of this entry »

let the succinctness–amorous or angst-ridden–fly

Valentine’s Day is Thursday and provides a forum, interestingly, for two very different kinds of expressions: the amorous and the angst-ridden.

So Despair.com (whose CEO claims membership in our Body) has dutifully provided a little platform for whichever kind of expression you’d prefer to share in response to the approach of Valentine’s Day.

Here’s one of the angst-ridden kind:


The contest is on: go to the link above and create your succinct expression, right-click the picture to save it, and then forward it to us. We’ll publish some of the cleverest, with the most clever receiving some sort of fitting prize. (you can submit entries of the amorous or the angst-ridden–in a three-heart, or just the one-heart display; we’ll award a prize in each category)

Submit as many entries as you’d like. Contest ends Thursday at 5pm. A distinguished panel of judges (your servant-leadership team) will adjudicate.

Let your succinctness–amorous or angst-ridden–fly!

choosing less…gaining more

nice little ditty here by Phil Ryken on how to recover some sense of stability in a world that destabilizes by overloading you with options and stimulus.

super map

Here’s a map to the super bowl party at the home of Kirk DeBoer, and Brandon Houpt.  Make sure you tip them well for the use of their domicile.