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ate, drank, talked shop about bringing in the kingdom

schrute buck!Following up the invitation post from a couple days ago, I spent time with several men in our church this morning from a wide variety of professions (commercial real estate, insurance, finance, paper mfg (not Dunder-Mifflin though), human resources). They all came to discuss honestly what it means to be in business–whatever business–for the glory of God. Businesses exist to survive and grow by providing a service people need or want; that’s what we all know as the bottom line. Bbut these men and their respective businesses do that guided by still other “bottom lines”–to borrow a phrase from a Tim Keller talk to investment brokers you should all take pains to hear. They recognize the importance of shepherding their employees and serving their clients in such a way that honors the Lord. Today, we listened to Tracy Taylor, CEO of Watson and Taylor Self Store, summarize his business and the manner in which he seeks to fulfill their business plan guided by their commitments to Christ. Those in attendance then had opportunity to ask him honest, even probing, questions about the nuts and bolts of running a business without having just profit-margins being the sole impetus for their efforts. Read the rest of this entry »

Eat, drink, talk shop, bring in the Kingdom

HEY! Listen up: this is about this Wednesday, January 30th.  RSVP’s are due today, January 28th:

As you may have seen in the email update this week, coming on the 30th of this month, Pete Deison and Tracy Taylor have scheduled another breakfast for discussion and prayer concerning how to place our career in the service of our calling in Christ. You can click here for a brief synopsis of the effort’s intentions and values.

This won’t be the last time they’ll gather for discussion and prayer in service of this idea, but there’s no time like the present to get in on the discussion. It’s geared for anyone–not just those established in, or even clear on, a particular profession. So come along. Email us by January 28th (wednesday) at noon if you want to attend. Come along.

Change of plans! Elm Fork now Soggy Bottom, so head to Spagehtti Warehouse

Noah’s in the house! Trinity River Authority released some water to offset the buildup of rainwater. Unfortunately that area of release is right in the vicinity of Elm Fork. Translation: Elm Fork is now Soggy Bottom.

Instead, the crew is heading over to Spaghetti Warehouse in the West End for a little food and fellowship tonight at 6:30. We have a reservation for 28 under the name Patrick Lafferty. Whoever gets there first, please sign us in.

Stay tuned, we’ll be rescheduling the night of guns and ammo for another less soggy time in the near future. Thanks for your patience in bearing with us.

Check back here at around 5pm for a definitive call on tonight.

We’re told the moisture will have departed by this afternoon, so we’re still on for ‘Point & Shoot’ this evening, convening around 6:30 at Elm Fork for din-din. If you’d like to caravan from the church, if one of you would comment here and volunteer to be the point person, then others who want to caravan may be in touch with you.
Otherwise, we’ll see you at the shooting grounds.

It may be cold, but fear not, we’ll have a warm meeting room in which to warm up in between rounds.

marriage requires and update in your prescription

We strike a balance around here–at least we try to: there are times for saying loudly and clearly, “singleness is not a second-class existence and possesses privileges as significant to the life in Christ as those that accrue to marriage.”

There is also time for speaking of and for marriage, and doing all we can to prepare you for it if you’re single, and fortify you in it if you’re married. To that end, here’s a series of youtube videos (HT: Between Two Worlds) from the author of When Sinners Say, I Do, Dave Harvey. They’re brief synopses of each chapter. Read the rest of this entry »

Seen and noted

[sic] on the “colleges”–should be “colleagues”

certainly no dig on our episcopal brothers and sisters; I’d bet those who find common cause with us in the cause of Christ would find this equally amusing. (and to be fair, there is much that is laughable about how we presbyterians operate, too!)

(HT: tominthebox.com)

question: is that John Shelby Spong third from right?

hey, where were you over the holiday break?

Say, would you be interested in sending us a few of your more fetching digital shots from wherever you may have been during the holidays?  Email us with pictures of you from your break.  We’ll assemble a little online slide-show that tells the story of your collective treks, or, as my family has opted to do in recent years, the “stay-cation.”

Don’t be shy.  Let the pictures fly.

resolutions to die trying to live by

Death, it’s been said, is our last enemy. Though it befalls all men, it ought not ever been regarded as a purely natural event. We do not ever, as a professor I had once said, “make friends” with death. We may come to terms with it, acknowledge its reality and inevitability, learn to adjust to its demands–but never are we to smile at death, to welcome it as a benign, fortuitous thing, except in terms of what follows that death. The relief from suffering that death culminates in is a grace, but death, per se, is no cordial bedfellow. Why else would Jesus have been not merely sorrowful at Lazarus’ death, but, as the text says, indignant at its continued reality? Read the rest of this entry »