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bringing the close of the book, perhaps, close to home

Do you feel like the church has elevated marriage over singleness? Insinuating, if not articulating, that life begins when youbrokenring2.jpg betroth yourself to another?

Or has the meteoric rise of divorce–even within the allegedly marriage-fortifying context of the church–sullied an earlier, more positive, view of marriage? Does the incidence of divorce and the precarious state of marriage insinuate that life might, in a sense, end when you say “I do”?

I’d like to wrap up our discussion of Tripp’s book on change and counsel by having you help us create a realistic-as-possible profile of someone in the church whose desire to be married has caused them to be so preoccupied with finding a mate, that one of two moods has emerged: either so despondent at the slight prospects of a marriage in the near-term, or so reckless in their pursuit of a mate. Specifically, I’d like you to envision how someone with either outlook would manifest that outlook in their day to day living. Read the rest of this entry »

maybe we could work a deal with Watermark?

if a multinational corporation thinks offering “full life service” is a priority, why not a Presbyterian church?

see any downsides?

your “i do” better be surrounded by a “we will too”

The CNN article linked from a previous post has gone AWOL. But the topic endures, this time with specific reference to the need for a whole network of close relationships if you ever plan to be married. Culture has laid upon marriage responsibilities no two people were ever meant to bear. Here’s more language in that direction.

“stop test-driving your girl/boy-friend”

not a bad article:

Our beloved Daniels has his summer plans. . .adjusted!

with great and surprised pleasure do I share the following email:

Greetings in His name. I am keeping well by God’s grace. Sorry I could not reply very promptly.I am in Madurai , about 300 milies down south of Chennai.

My internship is going on very well. I am teaching, preaching and doing Evangelism. Thank you for your prayers.

More over I am happy to inform you that I am getting married this summer

following are the information regarding the same.

Believing in God’s perfect timing and faithful plan my self Daniels and Annie Together with our parents

Mrs. & Rev. Aruldoss Gnanamuthu
Mrs. & Mr. Sam Chandradekaran

Want to inform you to celebrate with us as we commit our lives to one another before God in Marriage On Saturday the 15th of July Two thousand and six at four in the evening at the Church of South India , Palani.

Thank you once again for your prayers and love. Looking foward to see you. Convey my love and regards to everyone there.

with kind regards