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Advent musing, II

if you’re looking for reasons why to make time for preparing and participating in the Lord’s Table, here’s my take on how the observance of Advent almost requires it.

Do you remember ever reading the play by Samuel Beckett entitled Waiting for Godot? It’s the story of two hapless nobodies waiting for one who ends up never coming. The play ends where it begins, on a broad plain by a dead tree, and the scene never changes. And at play’s end, we are left not in admiration of these two poor sops’ patience, but in pity of their willingness to wait for what seems will never come. Read the rest of this entry »

our family tree, knots and all

You might find this fascinating, or you might find it depressing: a family tree showing where our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) fits.  You may not have known that Rev. Paul Settle, only recently retired from our staff a few years back, was instrumental in humbly overseeing the formation of the PCA.  If this piques  your interest, the bookstore has at least a few summaries of how the PCA came to be.