There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

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the award for. . .

. . .most likely to appear in a Flannery O’Connor short story if she were alive today-goes to:

Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys!

Consider this gem of self-aggrandizement:

”It doesn’t matter what they say about me now,” Owens said. ”The Lord has obviously blessed me with a lot of talent.”

Don’t look now, but. . .

. . .is Anne Burns moonlighting as a “worship”-leader at a church whose identity is being withheld for its own sake?

he’s done it again

our fellow PCPC member and ostensibly cynical deadpan has done it again: E. L Kersten, COO of Despair.com has rolled out a short film on teamwork

Part One

Part Two

laugh again

in case you’re still reeling from valentine’s day

let the succinctness–amorous or angst-ridden–fly

Valentine’s Day is Thursday and provides a forum, interestingly, for two very different kinds of expressions: the amorous and the angst-ridden.

So Despair.com (whose CEO claims membership in our Body) has dutifully provided a little platform for whichever kind of expression you’d prefer to share in response to the approach of Valentine’s Day.

Here’s one of the angst-ridden kind:


The contest is on: go to the link above and create your succinct expression, right-click the picture to save it, and then forward it to us. We’ll publish some of the cleverest, with the most clever receiving some sort of fitting prize. (you can submit entries of the amorous or the angst-ridden–in a three-heart, or just the one-heart display; we’ll award a prize in each category)

Submit as many entries as you’d like. Contest ends Thursday at 5pm. A distinguished panel of judges (your servant-leadership team) will adjudicate.

Let your succinctness–amorous or angst-ridden–fly!

Seen and noted

[sic] on the “colleges”–should be “colleagues”

certainly no dig on our episcopal brothers and sisters; I’d bet those who find common cause with us in the cause of Christ would find this equally amusing. (and to be fair, there is much that is laughable about how we presbyterians operate, too!)

(HT: tominthebox.com)

question: is that John Shelby Spong third from right?

And you thought you were having a bad day…

Check out this article from the Bronsons in Thailand…

Great news!

who’s for starting a fund for this?


This reminded me of a scene in Royal Tennenbaum’s of which a minor theme may have been (I don’t know) about our longing to return to simpler (and younger) days

reconsidering arranged marriages

this is Tressa, dancing just as expressively but with far more finesse, next to Shamus. We are planning to arrange their marraige. She lives in Amarillo with her parents, Chris and Laura, her sister, her dog, and her cat. But the distance doesn’t matter to us. Technology brings people together, right? We will set up a myspace account for Shamus so Tressa can keep up with his myriad musings. Still, she is much smarter than Shamus and more articulate. We often think she will respond to some of his jabbering with, “he’s a little behind, isn’t he?” But you hear it said, “marry above you.” (Odd thing is, both people can’t marry above them. So what about the spouse who’s the one “above” the other? Have they broken this cardinal rule? Are they to wear the scarlet “MBM”–married below me?)