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Faith and art ought never be severed

Have a look at this:
Churches Urged to be More Artist-Friendly, Transform Culture | Christianpost.com

as you know, PCPC is hosting its 2nd annual Arts Festival in April. This year’s theme centers on Genesis, but the festival allows artists to select one of several dimensions of the Genesis narrative from which to derive their work.

The linked article interviews a friend of mine from college, who laments the unfortunate paucity of artists within our churches, and moreso the ostensibly inhospitable environment churches seem to be for budding or accomplished artists. His response to that reality has been to team with area churches to host a conference on art and faith. To encourage artists of every medium to see their giftedness as a form of worship and shepherding people toward truth. If any of you would like to go to the conference the first week of April down in Austin, I’ll pay your way so long as you take good notes and bring back some recommendations on how to ensure a more robust relationship between the church and artists.

Those spearheading the arts festival here at PCPC are looking for ways to sustain the interest elicited by the festival, and more specifically to identify ways to genuinely serve the greater arts community in our city. Ideas?

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  Bobby Gilles wrote @

This sounds like it will be a great conference.

About the quote in the article you’ve linked to — the one that states that the average child watches 20,000 commercials per year: all I can say is wow. Scary.

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