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regarding justice II

following up the most recent post, here’s an excerpt from a statement issued by a relatively new coalition of pastors and teachers on the relatedness of the Gospel and justice-seeking:

The doing of justice and mercy. God created both soul and body, and the resurrection of Jesus shows that he is going to redeem both the spiritual and the material. Therefore God is concerned not only for the salvation of souls but also for the removal of poverty, hunger, and injustice. Read the rest of this entry »

regarding Justice

June 3 and 10 we’ll hear from Victor Boutros and Reid Porter on the call to seeking justice. Below is an article I came across recently in First Things about how the government in India is taking on the inordinate task of rescuing unwanted female babies. Victor et al’s work with International Justice Mission dovetails with work like this. Where is the church acting with great wisdom and great faith? I hope you’ll come hear in June and how you might become part of that effort.

To the article:

Saving India’s Girls

by Ashley K. Fernandes

May 2007
Copyright (c) 2007 First Things (May 2007).

India is all the rage these days. From high fashion to high tech to the movies made in “Bollywood,” India has finally made it to the world stage. The coverage of Everything India is so ubiquitous that one is tempted to pass by India-related articles and move on to new global frontiers. Yet a recent piece in the New York Times—“Indian Gov’t to Raise Abandoned Girls,” February 18, 2007—is one that readers should note. This is not an article about the flashy new middle class in India but a story about the future of some of the world’s most vulnerable persons in an immense and overwhelming country. Read the rest of this entry »

Have a look at the newest visitor to the the 20+ Community

You’ve seen him from behind the protective belly of his mother, Nicole.  Now meet him face to face!img_1690.jpg

From the proud papa, Josh Amundson:

Our son was born on Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 10:50am.  He weighs 8 lbs. 4 oz. and is 21 1/8” tall.  Mom went “natural” for 20 ½ hours.  She labored for eight hours at home, at the park, and in the hospital cafeteria prior to admitting to the hospital.  She is really strong.  We are happy and proud parents!

just for men

Men, boys, what about you? What do you dream of when you dream of being strong? That you can someday hold an Altoids tin and look “curiously strong”? Or to be the best player in a sport? Or to be the most shrewd stock broker and wield the power of money? Or to be educated and read Atlantic Monthly and listen to NPR and drop obscure names in cocktail conversations?

No. Only a fool wants fading power. Only a fool wants power that gives out just when you need it most. I’ll tell you the kind of power God is able to give you through the gospel. It’s the power to lead your wife and family in devotions; the power to say a simple word of truth when highly educated, secular, elitist complexity is all around you; the power to stand your ground and say no to a sinful behavior when everyone else is calling you weak; the power to press on against all obstacles in a cause of justice and mercy and truth when you feel that you have no more motivation.

John Piper

no, not crusty…

it is said of us–those in our 20s and 30s–that we are too insulated from those unlike us, that we end up cloistering ourselves away into mostly like-minded, same-age sets and rarely step outside them to encounter, much less engage, those with an entirely different set of experiences.

maybe that’s an accurate assessment…..your thoughts?