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regarding Justice

June 3 and 10 we’ll hear from Victor Boutros and Reid Porter on the call to seeking justice. Below is an article I came across recently in First Things about how the government in India is taking on the inordinate task of rescuing unwanted female babies. Victor et al’s work with International Justice Mission dovetails with work like this. Where is the church acting with great wisdom and great faith? I hope you’ll come hear in June and how you might become part of that effort.

To the article:

Saving India’s Girls

by Ashley K. Fernandes

May 2007
Copyright (c) 2007 First Things (May 2007).

India is all the rage these days. From high fashion to high tech to the movies made in “Bollywood,” India has finally made it to the world stage. The coverage of Everything India is so ubiquitous that one is tempted to pass by India-related articles and move on to new global frontiers. Yet a recent piece in the New York Times—“Indian Gov’t to Raise Abandoned Girls,” February 18, 2007—is one that readers should note. This is not an article about the flashy new middle class in India but a story about the future of some of the world’s most vulnerable persons in an immense and overwhelming country. Read the rest of this entry »

a few good helpers….

We’re looking to help out with Union Gospel Mission on Thanksgiving Morning.  They need about 10 people on the 23rd to pack and deliver prepared meals to 2 nursing homes and couple of regular houses – we would need to get there around 8 am, pack up the meals, and take them to homes around 10 am.  If you’d be willing and able, would you contact Erika McIntyre IMMEDIATELY so she can give UGM a head count for how many they can expect from us.

This may not be your traditional way of spending Thanksgiving morning, but here’s to breaking tradition.

you could watch a scary movie, or you could. . .

. . .love on some kids Halloween Night.

As Erika mentioned yesterday, there’s a need for some willing folks to chaperone kids served by the Vickery Meadows Ministry around the fair at Northwest Bible tomorrow night.  Some details you should be aware of:

A bus from Northwest Bible will arrive to get us between 5:30 and 5:45 at the Ivanhoe, so arriving at 5:15 is wonderful, but don’t worry if you can’t be there before 5:30. We will leave the Fun Fest somewhere between 8:00-8:30, so we plan on being finished dropping the kids off by 8:45 at the latest. Wearing costumes is recommended if you can, but no pressure 🙂  I have no idea if the kids will be dressed up, but I think it will be fun for them to see us that way.

Email Erika to volunteer.

dateline: Kenya

this from Becky, now just a few days into her month-long stint in Kenya:

Here a few of the blessings that I experienced today:

1.When we walked into the orphanage, Josia (eight year old boy) was leading the song:
“I have a living hope, I have a future, God has a plan for me, this I am sure. Jesus your my firm foundation. I know I can stand secure. Jesus your my firm foundation. I put my hope in your holy word.”
How precious and what a true testimony to hear the children loudly singing this song together. I am reminded of what a tight grip that their Lord Jesus has on their lives.

2. The children had a running race at school. Shirro (a five year old girl) was racing another little boy. She ran to the fence and was leaps ahead of the boy. All of the girls were chanting “Shirro, Shirro…” She had the hugest smile on her face as she ran across the finish line and straight into my arms. I pick her up in a huge hug and began to spin her around. I felt so privileged that she would run that hard to me. This reminded me of how the father in the parable of the prodigal son might have felt as he received his son. All of life’s worries fade away and you see the face of someone you love. Those of your who are parents know what it feels like to have a child pick you out in a crowd and run to your arms.

3. The poverty in Nairobi is so extreme. We saw a few ladies digging through huge piles of trash today looking for any food to eat. Again, how blessed am I not to worry about the next meal that I will eat.

Thank you for your prayers. Our team is healthy and has a wonderful attitude. Tomorrow the children are doing a performance of the traditional songs at school for us.

Much love,

Cristo Rey needs Basketball Coaches!

Cristo Rey now has about 10 eight and nine year old boys signed up to play on a team that we are sponsoring in the YMCA’s basketball league. Just one catch: we need a coach. Ideally, this would be a Christian man (though we would be glad to have women assist in coaching – we just have a lot of boys who don’t have fathers in the home and it would be good for them to have some male figures in their lives) who has a solid knowledge of basketball fundamentals and who would be able to open and close practices with prayer. We will be assigned a practice time one evening during the week, and games are on Saturday starting in December. We will need the coach to pass a background check – which we can pay for. Please contact Josh Geiger for more information or to sign up!

help? here’s how

Here’s a few ways to help. Click here if you want to contribute to PCPC’s Hurricane Relief Fund. (An initial contribution of $25K has already been sent by our church) Click here if you’d like to house a displaced family for a while (the Family Research Council has recommended this effort, and they’d be unlikely to do so without vetting the organization). We’re waiting to hear from the PCA’s Disaster Relief Team to fill us in on how we can help with efforts on the ground; here’s their application if you’d like to volunteer to go there and help. And here’s their update from Aug 30.