There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

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and now for something completely different

ist2_189792_union_symbols_vector.jpgso we’re sitting in Panera’s recently–me and the fam, and some friends–and we’re having a nice lunch, and I can’t help overhearing a foursome (three guys and a woman–all in their 20s) talking about, I think, their time over at Cathedral of Hope, which is the de facto mothership of the Metropolitan Church, the largest homosexual church in America.

They spoke of their parents reaction to their orientation, the confusion among friends about who was dating whom, and what improvements they might make to the interior of the Cathedral.  (Since I only heard little phrases here and there, my assumptions about their topics of conversation might be skewed.)

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Good Works

After meditating on how we should be moved to good because of the good God has done towards us, we have an opportunity to give to the AIDs Service of Dallas.  Perhaps you’ve considered helping out with the supper club, but can’t make it.  You can also help us reach out to their community by spending a couple extra bucks and bringing one of these items with you this Sunday.  We will have a box to collect donations for them in the 20+ classroom.

Needed Items: 

*Toilet paper

Facial Tissue
Paper Towels

this just in from China….

Here’s an update from Erika in China….makes you glad there are diapers in the world

Daily Schedule:


Our days start at 7am with breakfast in the cafeteria.  I usually make a cup of coffee in our community kitchen in the dorm, then walk across campus to breakfast (a very American thing…walking with coffee that is).  I usually eat an egg mcmuffin type sandwich, but they also offer a rice porridge with vegetables.  After breakfast we head to a large room in the library that is reserved for the program.  We have training on various topics from 8-12.  We are being trained by year-long teachers who have decided to stay after and support the program, most will return home this week.

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Eight months in…

Can you believe the Bronson’s (Andrew and Becky) have been in Thailand for 8 months now? Here’s their latestbronsons-update-may-07.jpg update from the church-planting work in Nong Khai. Don’t forget to check in with them at their blogsite, and be sure to drop them a note to catch them up!

if given a foothold what territory would you cover?

yesterday we mentioned that perhaps the reason we never have a chance to share–or perhaps always feel on guard about sharing our faith–is that we can’t begin to put it into words–save the old, tired phrases we’ve heard before. Well, if you’re so inclined–I’m praying you are–here are some categories our small group came up with for what you might include in a basic Gospel explanation. [If you’re looking for some context to this comment, here’s the document that explains an “assignment” for our series on John’s Gospel.] Of course, they’ll require some thought in how to explain to those unversed in anything Christian words like deity, fallenness, atonement, faith, and the like.  And, yes, even after the message gets across the divide, objections may naturally follow. Read the rest of this entry »

Film Discussion postponed…for a good reason

We’re gonna push Film discussion Friday to later in march. Three events in a 7-day span seemed like a lot (Prayer and Praise, FDF, and AIDS Supper Club.) Not only is it too much, it’s at cross-purposes with what’s at the center of our reason for being: that we would be manifesting Him in whatever spheres we’re a part of. Can’t really do that if we’re always gathering us together for this or that. You’re adults. You can make decisions about how to spend your time. But we’d never want to send the unintended message that being His Church means being exclusively with those in the Church.

So, see a chance to spend a Friday night with associates at work, or school, or where you live? I pray you have an opportunity to spend some honest time with them–that rapport might be built, trust, appreciation…even friendship.

It’s where all this talk about how to speak salvation succinctly takes a real first step–outside the theoretical. If you ain’t with them, you’ll never know them, or hear them, or earn their trust.

Happy friday.

for your review: reviews

Hey, this was forwarded to us today: a sizable collection of brief summaries of some of the books you may have heard of, but haven’t had time to read. No, not Michael Crichton or Maya Angelou or Stephen King books–they have a biblical or theological bent to them (to be fair, the former do, too, but not as explicitly).  But in light of our recent discussions on getting the word out (here, and here), making time for girding your mind for action (while you also pray for opportunities to share) by reading some of these works might be of benefit.  And now you can get a taste of each without having to buy the books themselves.

Bon appetit.