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He is worthy of it and we are needful of it

Hope you’ll join us tonight for prayer and praise.  It always feels awkward at first; that changes.  We’ll use Nehemiah’s prayer in Chapter 1–from which Mark Davis preached last Sunday–as our “food for thought, prayer, and praise.”  We will sing.  We will hear the Word. We will sit quietly, considering what we’ve heard. And we will give voice to what we know of Him, what we’re sad to have done (or not done) before Him, what promises of His we hope in, and what things broken down by sin we need His mercy for the rebuilding of.  Here’s where we’ll meet.  See you at 7.  Eat dinner beforehand.  Or fast, if you like, before you come to pray.  Such is not without precedent–See Nehemiah 1: 4.

regarding your profession and your profession of faith:

work_excellence.jpgif you’re on the list below, then I know you to be interested in spending some time with an elder brother or sister in your, either present or future, occupation, and receiving some insight into how to live faithfully in whatever your occupation might be. If you’re not on this list and want to be, be sure to sign up on the clipboard this Sunday. Also this Sunday I’ll have the books that will serve to usher you and your respective mentors into a dialogue. Read the rest of this entry »

Ceili exposed

we’re a bit closer to St. Patrick’s Day and our first annual ceili. Perhaps you saw our previous mention of it and remain…unimpressed. Perhaps your lack of enthusiasm stems from your confusion as to what a ceili looks like–and whether you’d feel dorky participating in one.

BE confused no longer. Here’s a couple samples of ceili, with a variety of skill-levels represented. Fear not. Instruction will be given beforehand.

We’ll need your help to host our church and anyone else that shows. Pass the word!

Here’s a shot from one in Dublin:

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Dinners for 10!

As some of your have heard Alina announce a couple of Sundays ago, the 20+ class is trying to start the “Dinner for 10” program (for the lack of a better word). For those not familiar with the concept, “Dinner for 10” simply means that on a regular (monthly, for example) basis you get together with ten other people, and have dinner at someone’s home. This is a great way to cultivate relationships within our community, since you end up eating and talking to someone you might not interact with on regular occasions. It also can present an excellent opportunity to practice hospitality and to extend grace to others in our church family (or even outside of it), as you could (as a group) decide to include in your gatherings students from SMU’s RUF program, international students, etc. – your imagination is the limit. The great thing about this program is that it is you that make it what you want it to be.

Here are the promised questions regarding the “Dinner for 10” groups:

1) Would you be interested in being a part of the group? Each group will last for about 6 months.

2) If you are interested, what days of the week would work best for you? Choose two nights (with the indication of their preferability) between Thursday night, Friday, or Saturday.

3) Finally, would you be willing to host the dinner and/or be a leader of your group? Being a leader is easy: all you would have to do is to get in touch with your host/s, or pick a restaurant, and then send out an evite to your members. Being a host would mean that you’d provide a your place for a gathering and provide a main course, with the rest of the group bringing sides. There could be several hosts in a group.

For more information, contact Alina.

Ceili? What’s a ceili?

March 17th, 5-8pm, 20+ Community is sponsoring for any and all a little Irish thing called a Ceili Dance.  And what, pray tell, is a Ceili?  Click here.  and then save the date, not only to attend, but also to help us host the church and anyone you’d like to invite.  sofennis.jpg

and if you’re wondering what all that frivolity is worth, here’s at least one answer (yeah, it’s talking tango, but the ceili will have the same effect)

you should be ashamed

for those of you who saw fit to “forget” your unwanted White elephant gifts at our home, you should be ashamed. For the rest of you, if you’d like to relive the moments last night, have a look at our flickr site for a few festive photos.328225591_ee7be14f6b.jpg

how…er…beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news

aren’t they lovely?

be sure to be at Fat Tuesday on May 30 where we’ll, among other things, celebrate the departure (that sounds odd, doesn’t it) of these and other 20+ers headed across various ponds to do the rather odd thing of explaining an ancient message with ever-present and future implications.