There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

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giving up chocolate isn’t really the point…

lent07.jpgFar more important than coming up with amorous or angst-ridden zingers in our little contest this week is the attention you give to this moment in the church calendar too often overlooked. As we said yesterday, Lent is a season for doing life differently: for refraining from some of the ordinary pleasures of life in order to devote ourselves to some reflection on His call upon our lives. Think of it as a period of more intense training meant to fortify us for the next season of life.

I’d suggested that if you were to fast once a week, you might use that lunch (or breakfast or dinner) hour to have a look at some “X-Ray questions” David Powlison penned in his book Seeing with New Eyes. Read the rest of this entry »

Eat, drink, talk shop, bring in the Kingdom

HEY! Listen up: this is about this Wednesday, January 30th.  RSVP’s are due today, January 28th:

As you may have seen in the email update this week, coming on the 30th of this month, Pete Deison and Tracy Taylor have scheduled another breakfast for discussion and prayer concerning how to place our career in the service of our calling in Christ. You can click here for a brief synopsis of the effort’s intentions and values.

This won’t be the last time they’ll gather for discussion and prayer in service of this idea, but there’s no time like the present to get in on the discussion. It’s geared for anyone–not just those established in, or even clear on, a particular profession. So come along. Email us by January 28th (wednesday) at noon if you want to attend. Come along.

For Christ’s sake, love your Mother

If you love Christ, you will love his word. If you love Christ’s word, you will love his church. We dare not mock or treat as dispensable that for which Christ died. As the church, we are the bride of Christ. Let us labor, therefore, to make it our own, since Christ himself has made us his own (Phil. 3:12).

Justin Taylor has a brief piece on the relationship of Christ to His Church.  It’s one more voice speaking against the increasingly fashionable choice to withhold commitment from a local Body of believers.  She’s your Mother, complete with imperfections, but the One for whom Christ died.

“test to see” you are in the community

What makes a community a community? There are plenty of gatherings in the world, plenty of gatherings you’re a part of–loose associations, casual friendships. But what distinguishes a community in Christ from say, some other community–apart from the obvious distinction of the object of that community’s faith and hope?

Acts 2 mentions several concrete things that set the early church community apart from its surrounding networks of communities. But the thought occurred to me this morning that one way to gauge the vibrancy of a community is whether or not they are praying for one another on more than just the platitudinal level.

I think it’s not too much to say that what indicates significantly whether you are truly part of the community to which you are attached is this: are there any people in that community you take the responsibility of praying for regularly? Read the rest of this entry »

no, not crusty…

it is said of us–those in our 20s and 30s–that we are too insulated from those unlike us, that we end up cloistering ourselves away into mostly like-minded, same-age sets and rarely step outside them to encounter, much less engage, those with an entirely different set of experiences.

maybe that’s an accurate assessment…..your thoughts?

Joy in the Dance

Thanks to all who helped us host the Inaugural PCPC Ceili Saturday evening.  Here’s a few shots from our lively time together.  Even those with two left feet (myself included in that choreographically-challenged demographic) found their footing with a little help from the Band and the Ceili Caller.

img_0176.jpgimg_0181.jpgimg_0252.jpg img_0159.jpgimg_0192.jpg

The really interested may click here for even more photos.

Ceili exposed

we’re a bit closer to St. Patrick’s Day and our first annual ceili. Perhaps you saw our previous mention of it and remain…unimpressed. Perhaps your lack of enthusiasm stems from your confusion as to what a ceili looks like–and whether you’d feel dorky participating in one.

BE confused no longer. Here’s a couple samples of ceili, with a variety of skill-levels represented. Fear not. Instruction will be given beforehand.

We’ll need your help to host our church and anyone else that shows. Pass the word!

Here’s a shot from one in Dublin:

Read the rest of this entry »