There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

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help me write this sermon

preach.jpgNo, I’m not trying to outsource my responsibility, but I thought it would be…different, if not intriguing, to bring those with whom I identify the most into a dialogue about a particular passage and how it speaks to their condition.  Sermons are explanations of how a text of God’s word speaks to our condition–in what we think, feel, or do, and usually all three.

It is not a complicated text in terms of its meaning. I think it focuses on two themes, but I won’t share what I think they are so that I don’t prejudice your reading and reflecting. Read the rest of this entry »

His Will and our work, part 1 of many…

As alluded to on the July calendar, in October (yes, an announcement in July about an October thing), we’ll devote some time in October (perhaps on retreat, perhaps here at home–still deciding) to a discussion of faith and work–i.e. profession. Chuck Garriott will be here. Letters are going out within the week to several PCPC members in various professions to see if they might join us and corral those of you in the same or similar professions into a discussion of faithfulness in the marketplace. Even if you’re still in training for your profession, aspiring to that profession, or still not sure on what profession you might one day land, our time together will speak broadly enough to how to live and work for the glory of God, a la Colossians 3:15. Read the rest of this entry »

this just in from China….

Here’s an update from Erika in China….makes you glad there are diapers in the world

Daily Schedule:


Our days start at 7am with breakfast in the cafeteria.  I usually make a cup of coffee in our community kitchen in the dorm, then walk across campus to breakfast (a very American thing…walking with coffee that is).  I usually eat an egg mcmuffin type sandwich, but they also offer a rice porridge with vegetables.  After breakfast we head to a large room in the library that is reserved for the program.  We have training on various topics from 8-12.  We are being trained by year-long teachers who have decided to stay after and support the program, most will return home this week.

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praying for Erika

Pray for Us

 I will be planning and executing lessons, working with people I’ve never met before, and seeking out  opportunities to share the truth.  I ask that you pray for me, our team, and our students who, perhaps, have yet to hear or receive the good news. I’ve used the analogy of you all “holding the rope” for us as we serve overseas.  Please, hold that rope.


What joy, peace, and comfort to know the love of the Lord.  Thank you so much for your financial and prayer support.  You all have blessed and encouraged me in so many ways.


Specific Requests:


1.  Health and safety.

2.  Unity for our team.

3.  Excellence in our teaching.

4.  Clarity when sharing our testimonies.

5.  That we would preach the WORD!

6.  That we would adjust to the culture, and use wisdom and discernment in all our  interactions with those we meet.

The next time you hear from me I’ll be in CHINA!


(Click on the below for description of the work)

TIP Program Highlights/Overview 


Chang Ping Campus Tour:  

in our absence….

…we hope you might be so inclined to record your musings–serious or otherwise–here for the masses to see and perhaps to comment on. We’re praying for VBS, small groups, and the pursuit of holiness for you here.  Would you mind praying for our efforts in Japan?  Much obliged.

Eight months in…

Can you believe the Bronson’s (Andrew and Becky) have been in Thailand for 8 months now? Here’s their latestbronsons-update-may-07.jpg update from the church-planting work in Nong Khai. Don’t forget to check in with them at their blogsite, and be sure to drop them a note to catch them up!

Have a look at the newest visitor to the the 20+ Community

You’ve seen him from behind the protective belly of his mother, Nicole.  Now meet him face to face!img_1690.jpg

From the proud papa, Josh Amundson:

Our son was born on Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 10:50am.  He weighs 8 lbs. 4 oz. and is 21 1/8” tall.  Mom went “natural” for 20 ½ hours.  She labored for eight hours at home, at the park, and in the hospital cafeteria prior to admitting to the hospital.  She is really strong.  We are happy and proud parents!

may we curry your favored attention?

Lindsay Stengle’s been to India, and, boy, has she captured some emblematic images.  Have a look!  (Thanks, Lindsay, for permission!)dsc_2367_2.png

And, if you haven’t seen The Namesake, may I offer my humble recommendation.  It is the story of a collision, of sorts, between Indian and Western cultures.  It is of course steeped in Hindu imagery, but I would argue there is a powerful moment (among many) that resonates, subtly but profoundly, with the Cross of our Lord.

Joy in the Dance

Thanks to all who helped us host the Inaugural PCPC Ceili Saturday evening.  Here’s a few shots from our lively time together.  Even those with two left feet (myself included in that choreographically-challenged demographic) found their footing with a little help from the Band and the Ceili Caller.

img_0176.jpgimg_0181.jpgimg_0252.jpg img_0159.jpgimg_0192.jpg

The really interested may click here for even more photos.

can you guess who?