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caption contest…ready? go.



addicted to speed?

blackberry.jpgso, are all your technological helps as problematic as this article suggests?  Be honest.  I post this only because I am all too aware of how the gadgets in my life have a striking capacity to get and keep my attention.  Still, gadgets aren’t addicting; people are addictive–to adapt a sentiment.

weigh in.

praying for Erika

Pray for Us

 I will be planning and executing lessons, working with people I’ve never met before, and seeking out  opportunities to share the truth.  I ask that you pray for me, our team, and our students who, perhaps, have yet to hear or receive the good news. I’ve used the analogy of you all “holding the rope” for us as we serve overseas.  Please, hold that rope.


What joy, peace, and comfort to know the love of the Lord.  Thank you so much for your financial and prayer support.  You all have blessed and encouraged me in so many ways.


Specific Requests:


1.  Health and safety.

2.  Unity for our team.

3.  Excellence in our teaching.

4.  Clarity when sharing our testimonies.

5.  That we would preach the WORD!

6.  That we would adjust to the culture, and use wisdom and discernment in all our  interactions with those we meet.

The next time you hear from me I’ll be in CHINA!


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TIP Program Highlights/Overview 


Chang Ping Campus Tour: