There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

don’t laugh at his name…he could take you


[fixed: the link mentioned below of one observer’s musings on the friendly scrum between John Piper and Udo about suffering.]

Udo Middelmann, a significant contributor to the work of L’Abri Fellowship, will be with us this Sunday (May 6th) **speaking on a rather provocative topic he wrote about in the last several years: what he calls the Islamization of Christianity. He argues that among Christians the thinking about suffering and God’s sovereignty has become more Islamic than Christian in recent years. The superabundance of suffering we see daily may lead some of us to believe that this is precisely how God wanted it–much like the sentiment portrayed among the Arabs in Lawrence of Arabia, a sentiment the film’s protagonist, T.E. Lawrence, vehemently opposes: Against the repeatedly pronounced notion that whatever is is Allah’s will–“it is written,” they say–Lawrence exasperatingly retorts, “Nothing is written until we write it!!”

In these pages you’ve been directed to some thinkers whose understanding of suffering may be, not so much at odds with Dr Middleman, but certainly distinct from it. A recent blog article speaks to what seems to be a difference of opinion between two notable theologians on this very difficult and visceral topic.

So come. Invite your friends. Invite a colleague who may have no interest in Christ, but who certainly has an interest in understanding what to make of suffering in the world and God’s interests in it!

**there’s a slight chance Udo may speak on a different topic, but even if that turns out to be the case, your consideration of his thinking on this matter is certainly worth your time!

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