There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

if given a foothold what territory would you cover?

yesterday we mentioned that perhaps the reason we never have a chance to share–or perhaps always feel on guard about sharing our faith–is that we can’t begin to put it into words–save the old, tired phrases we’ve heard before. Well, if you’re so inclined–I’m praying you are–here are some categories our small group came up with for what you might include in a basic Gospel explanation. [If you’re looking for some context to this comment, here’s the document that explains an “assignment” for our series on John’s Gospel.] Of course, they’ll require some thought in how to explain to those unversed in anything Christian words like deity, fallenness, atonement, faith, and the like.  And, yes, even after the message gets across the divide, objections may naturally follow. But for now, if you will, take some time: how would you explain these categories in succinct statements? and what Scriptures in the Gospel of John might you point them to in order to substantiate your point?

What will happen when you do this? I haven’t the foggiest. But better to have found a few simple words for what explains your faith–however mustard-sized it may be–than to remain befuddled and on your heels when it comes to speaking up.

Anyway, below are the categories (maybe it’s better to call them “topics” or “issues”) of what you might cover if given the chance to explain the Gospel. Feel free to add or subtract your own ideas (just mention them and your reasons here!).

  • the deity of Christ
  • the fallenness of man
  • salvation by faith alone
  • the atonement
  • Love as the motivation for God’s actions in Christ
  • God’s purpose of reclaiming and restoring His creation

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