There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

regarding your profession and your profession of faith:

work_excellence.jpgif you’re on the list below, then I know you to be interested in spending some time with an elder brother or sister in your, either present or future, occupation, and receiving some insight into how to live faithfully in whatever your occupation might be. If you’re not on this list and want to be, be sure to sign up on the clipboard this Sunday. Also this Sunday I’ll have the books that will serve to usher you and your respective mentors into a dialogue. The contents of the book aren’t the totality of the time together but a starting point for the time. We’re currently putting out feelers for prospective mentors. In the interim, you might have a look at the book when you get it this weekend.



Allport             Johanna

Allport             Jay

Anderson         Matthew

Bangert            Carolyn

Bivings             Libby

Bobo                Robert

Cappas             Nick

Chenoweth      Carolyn

Clark                Courtney

Foemmel          Bethany

Foist                 Joshua

Hanson             Julia

Houpt               Brandon

Hyde                Catherine

Johnson            Chanelle

Kilborn             Stephen

Klisho              Alina

Lalani               Kary

Londis              Julia

Lott                  David

Luckey             Malia

Mackenroth      Nate

Marquis            Brian

McCloy            Abby

Mitchell            Ted

Rain                 Elisabeth

Stengle             Lindsay

Thomas            Sini

Vij                    Rachana

Wagner            Debra

Walton             Richard

White               Jon

Wilkerson         Anne

Womack           Katie

Young Carrie Beth


  Come together « 20pluscommunitydigestion wrote @

[…] we know your profession, the better chance we have of securing one.  If you find your name on this list, we already know your profession.  Only email us if it’s changed. […]

  Jovi Dacanay wrote @

Hi Alina,

Are you going again to Acton University 2008?


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