There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

observe Lent? Here’s one way

lent.jpgStop. Click here. Sign up, if you’d like, for the daily Lenten devotional, commencing today, Ash Wednesday, and running to Resurrection Day, April 8.

Lent is often misconstrued as that season you “give up” something. I’d hope this little devotional series might give you a chance to “take up” something–something our culture largely squeezes out of us. Would you consider for these 40 days the practice of thinking on what you read? I hesitate to use the word “meditation” because it may sound so ethereal as to be something you think you could never do, much less want to do. But meditation is merely thinking over what you hear or read. And it is one means by which the Spirit “gets through” to us–confirming to us the truth and beauty of what we find, helping us to see the implications of the principles we encounter, providing us the courage (because we see the beauty of the truth) to act in faith on that truth.

I fear that too many of us (and myself I must add) think that by simply hearing the word preached, we will become that which it calls us to be. I think, however, that meditation–thinking, pondering, querying–upon what we hear is how the word gets worked into us. There’s eating. There’s digesting. There’s being fortified. Meditation is that act of digestion–an act in many respects beyond our control. With meditation, your responsibility is not to make yourself affected by what you are thinking about, but simply to allow the Spirit’s power to make the effect possible. But enough of attempting to explain what is ultimately mysterious.

For these several weeks, would you simply try this: receive the devotional, read it….then, take a few moments and think about what you read. Perhaps a prayer will emerge from your thinking, but not necessarily. It is in the pondering of what you receive that what you receive starts to have an effect.

and then let us know–here on the blog even–what your new practice yields….


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  Linda McKindley wrote @

Please send me the daily devotional…..I clicked on submit to sign up, but received a message sayinmg I was already on the list. Thanks.

  pclafferty wrote @

hmmmm…curious, Linda….go ahead and send your email address to me at patrick (dot) lafferty (at) pcpc (dot) org…I write it that way to avoid spammers getting my email address…enough of them have it already

I’ll see why you’re not receiving…just to be sure: did you click on “Lenten Devotional”?

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