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this Sunday:


comparison trap

How often and over what variables do you find yourself comparing yourself to another?  I confess I find myself engaged in this strange instinctual action more often than I’d care to reveal.

Justin Taylor’s blog has a similar confession from the likes of even John Piper.  It’s based on Jesus’ blunt admonishing of Peter at the end of John’s Gospel.

Donald Miller writes in his own inimitable style of this phenomenon in Through Painted Deserts, too: (ugh…can’t find the quote now–my copy of the book is at home; will add later)

add it to your blogroll

Justin Taylor’s got a very helpful blog. Have a look at your leisure (“leh-zhure”. . .my wife says if you pronounce it that way, you’re too high-brow….which only provoked from me a furrowed brow…you decide)

Between two worlds is the blog’s name

you might begin your foray into Justin Taylor’s world by a look at his post on Vocation.

Now this:

Here’s a little look-see into what you’ve been praying for this week, a note from Bonnie laboring in Kenya:

Hey Patrick! Hope things are going well there.


Things are wonderful here, we just finished our first full day of conferences, and we’re exhausted but pleased with the way things went. It is definitely a new and different world here than we’re used to, much poverty and hopelessness. But the beauty of the Gospel is easily seen on the smiling faces and warm hugs and handshakes shared by the believers at Lighthouse for Christ. Truly I’ve been blessed to learn from my brothers and sisters half-way around the world, and they are teaching me as much, if not more, than I am teaching them.


The lessons are going well, and the women are hungry for knowledge and responding very well. The weather has been pretty nice, we have been blessed by a cool breeze every day, and it has helped ease our ability to last all day teaching. The women’s conference is on the roof of the mission, so it can get really hot up there in the equatorial sun! The Lord has taken great care of our team, we have not struggled much with health, although many have had difficulty adjusting to the strange foods and unsafe water conditions.


A few prayer requests for now: pray that the cool breeze continues! I know it’s a funny request, but the heat can definitely restrict our ability to teach for as long as we need to without exhaustion. Also, pray for an extra measure of strength and energy for our team, we are all fighting against a deep tiredness caused by the time change, heat, and strenuous schedule we must mainain in order to complete everything we have to do in this short amount of time. And, finally, continue to be in prayer about the receptiveness of the pastors and their wives that we are called to speak to, and that our words will continue to be those of the Lord’s. It is all for His glory.


Thanks for your prayers so far, look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you soon!


our family tree, knots and all

You might find this fascinating, or you might find it depressing: a family tree showing where our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) fits.  You may not have known that Rev. Paul Settle, only recently retired from our staff a few years back, was instrumental in humbly overseeing the formation of the PCA.  If this piques  your interest, the bookstore has at least a few summaries of how the PCA came to be.

Bonnie’s Prayer requests

As promised, here’s the itinerary for our faithful 20+ assistant, Bonnie Little, as she and several others serve pastors and their wives in Kenya. You cannot overestimate the growth of the church in Africa in the last few decades. And therefore you likewise cannot overestimate the need for theological education for willing pastors. With so few seminaries in the entire African continent any training in pastoring, evangelism, church-planting, and counseling is both sorely needed and enthusiastically welcomed. So pray. pastors_in_kenya_2.jpg

Ecclesiastes still finding the light of day, sadly

gal10roadgi.jpgthis from one of the Amish community confronted with tragedy a couple days ago: “A funeral to us is a much more important thing than the day of birth because we believe in the hereafter. The children are better off than their survivors.” It is a new take on what we recently covered in Ecclesiastes 7:1

a word for our moment

thinker-thumb.gifIt’s always helpful, amidst all your transitioning into new situations, preparation for imminent vocations, or contemplation of adjustments, to hear a few, simple words from the Word on matters of faith and vocation.  Here is just that from John Piper.  Bon Appetit.