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pray for Noel in Nairobi

mann.jpgA few weeks ago Noel Mann gave us a snapshot of his work in Southeast Asia involving language-survey with a view to developing bible translations for various people-groups who have no translation in their dialect. . .He’s in Kenya doing a similar kind of survey-work. Praying for this might be like trying to speak quantum-mechanics (what does he mean?), but rest assured whatever befuddlement you bring in prayer is translated.  Here’s his most recent communique from afar:

I left Dallas on the 26th, arrived in London the next day, and arrived here in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday (Sunday). We have a solid week of meetings this week. There are 4-5 of us. I feel privileged to be part of this group since we are considering future ways to do survey worldwide. The outcome will be a recommended practices paper that we will put out to communicate where we see survey going in light of some new strategies in our organization. The first day was really good. I will return to the US November 10th. Then I will return to Seattle for 2 months before returning to Dallas mid January. I hope to be back to the PCPC class before I go to Seattle (baring jetlag).


Simplified schedule:

Nairobi, Kenya 26 Oct – 10 Nov    Survey strategy and direction meetings

when you pick up your Bible next, pray for Noel;  were it not for people like him centuries ago, you’d be without an english translation.


  egigm wrote @

Good site!!!

  James and Elizabeth Stephens wrote @

Great to read about your work Noel. Thank God for men like yourself that persevere in the LORD’S work. I’d love to hear more about your Southeast survey work. Fantastic. Blessings, James & Elizabeth Stephens

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