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Great news!

who’s for starting a fund for this?

dateline: Kenya

this from Becky, now just a few days into her month-long stint in Kenya:

Here a few of the blessings that I experienced today:

1.When we walked into the orphanage, Josia (eight year old boy) was leading the song:
“I have a living hope, I have a future, God has a plan for me, this I am sure. Jesus your my firm foundation. I know I can stand secure. Jesus your my firm foundation. I put my hope in your holy word.”
How precious and what a true testimony to hear the children loudly singing this song together. I am reminded of what a tight grip that their Lord Jesus has on their lives.

2. The children had a running race at school. Shirro (a five year old girl) was racing another little boy. She ran to the fence and was leaps ahead of the boy. All of the girls were chanting “Shirro, Shirro…” She had the hugest smile on her face as she ran across the finish line and straight into my arms. I pick her up in a huge hug and began to spin her around. I felt so privileged that she would run that hard to me. This reminded me of how the father in the parable of the prodigal son might have felt as he received his son. All of life’s worries fade away and you see the face of someone you love. Those of your who are parents know what it feels like to have a child pick you out in a crowd and run to your arms.

3. The poverty in Nairobi is so extreme. We saw a few ladies digging through huge piles of trash today looking for any food to eat. Again, how blessed am I not to worry about the next meal that I will eat.

Thank you for your prayers. Our team is healthy and has a wonderful attitude. Tomorrow the children are doing a performance of the traditional songs at school for us.

Much love,

don’t just read–meditate. . .

as you’re reading in Ecclesiastes this week, you might bump into things that make you go “hmmmm.” If that happens, you’ve just encountered an invitation to meditation! So, here’s some helpful insight into what Scripture “begs” for. Right application with right motivation always results from a deeply-pondered consideration of the Word. That kind of submission is the kind of frame of mind and spirit that the Holy Spirit does work in.

APB on the definitions of “hevel”:

did anyone happen to write down everyone’s suggested definitions of “hevel”? I’d like to refer to your astute (and sometimes “enigmatic“) renditions–lest they become but “ephemeral” contributions to our potentially “pointless” discussion.

You all came up with them. Not me.

Preacher, don’t hold back

The Preacher cuts right to the chase, does he not? (1:1-11)

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity…

Part of our task Sunday will be to get a handle on what he means by “hevel” the Hebrew word translated as vanity in the ESV (with a nod to the KJV) and meaningless in the NIV (and other translations). And then we’ll have to flesh out on what basis he makes that sweeping claim….he appeals to several sources

and then, if his claim is valid and his evidence substantive, then what are you and I to make of it? How then do we take the preacher’s notion that this life, as it is, is meaningless?

so, some get-you-thinking questions:

if you had to substantiate the Preacher’s claim that all is meaningless, what evidence would you put forth?

of what value is there to considering the brevity of your life (as one nuance ‘of meaningless’)?

“there’s nothing new under the sun”: agree or disagree?

thoughts anyone?