There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

truth about money

maybe you’ve seen this already (you may need to save this link to a file–it hangs sometimes when you try to stream it); but if you haven’t, you ought to.

Truth comes from the strangest places sometimes


  Anne wrote @

During a moment of weakness I watched Oprah a few weeks ago. The theme for the week was the “Debt Diet” and how to become debt free. The show profiled several families and tracked their monthly expenses. These people were actually surprised when they realized how much money they spent a year at Starbucks or that they could save thousands of dollars by not buying fast food/convenient store food. The list goes on.

The surprise on these “typical American’s” faces SCARES me. I go to Starbucks on occasion and I’ll buy a coke at the 7-11 here and there. BUT I’m not financing my caffiene habit at a rate of 20% interest on my Visa.

It’s simple math and common sense. Who’s teaching this next generation how to manage their lives?

Imagine what a church congregation could raise up financially if they weren’t tied down by debt (excluding house, car, and education).

  James wrote @

The clip that is attached hit right on the nail. We, American’s live off of credit cards, we don’t have the funds but we NEED it NOW, then when that bill comes thur the door, we say, opps don’t have the payment; (living from paycheck to paycheck)trying to stay one foot ahead of things- good luck. Let me throw this out, I’m not ashame of this, I’m now paying the price for my actions from the past and I have learned from it. I have changed my habits in spending money. If I see something that I need and I don’t have the funds, then I will ask if they have “layaway” aka (Wal-Mart)if they do great if they don’t then fine. But right now in my life I don’t need things. I agree with Anne in her comment that we live off of credit.

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