There is a great difference in excellency, usefulness, and comfort between people of clear, digested knowledge, and confused, undigested apprehensions. -Richard Baxter

can you identify?

have you ever had that gnawing feeling while trying to be transparent that all it’s accomplishing is giving others the opportunity to gawk?

this moment brought to you by Shamus’ 3rd Birthday Party


  Laura wrote @

I think nudity at a birthday party is WAY underrated. Go Shamus!!!

(Tressa asked about him a few days ago, “Where is Shamus? WHY does he live in Dallas?)

Love to y’all.

Pray for us – this is the Big Trip to the Big Apple to find the teeny-tiny apartment!

  aka Uncle James Lunday wrote @

Hey you only live once, and why not start early age!!! Shamus, my boy live to the fullest, knowing your parents you will.

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