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Can’t we church people all get along?

When the early Church saw fit to enunciate “One” as one of the Church’s distinguishing characteristics, who could’ve imagined how difficult it would’ve been to preserve that fundamental feature? That Jesus prayed for His Church to be “one as we [He and the Father] are one” (Jn 17:23) in the hours before His arrest only heightens our sense of His deity: He knew well what would most plague the Church He was about to “obtain with His own blood” (Acts 20:28). Of what does our unity consist? Of what should it consist? Have a look here at the perspective of an Eastern Orthodox Christian regarding what our unity must be based upon.

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  Laura Caldwell wrote @

I know we are going to be talking about the church as “one” next week in class so I’ve been doing some thinking on it. The more I think about it and about where the church has come from, I can’t help but ask, “is God really pleased with the way the church is now, with our many denominations and differences?”. I can’t imagine that Augustine would be happy, well I don’t know…maybe he would recognize the need for some of the changes that have taken place. But his doctrines of grace and unity get a bit tangled when you consider the Donatist controversy and the Protestant reformation. Luther couldn’t have known that the church was about to split into a thousand pieces,right? Wasn’t he just thinking that the catholic church was going to reform and all would be united again? I do understand that the church has to be reformed and make changes at times, but is God ok with our “one” church being split like it is? Would He be more pleased with us if we were just His church, not a PCA church or a Baptist church? I understand that ultimately all denominations are one in the fact that our faith and hope for salvation is found in Christ alone and that when the invisible church comes to be we will for sure be one. That does tie us all together (hopefully). Let the pondering begin. Please add your thoughts!

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